Purchase Process

Marketplace Listings

Once you fill out the form to purchase a domain, we will create an account for you at Domainsville.com (if there is none matching your email). An invoice will be generated for you to pay securely through our payment processor, Stripe. Once we receive your payment, the domain will be available in your Domainsville account.

Domain Auctions

If you win a domain auction, you'll receive an email with instructions on how to remit payment for the domain you won. Payment is due within 24 hours from the time of auction closure or domain might be revoked / reauctioned. Once we receive payment, the domain will be provisioned to your Domainsville.com account.

Domain Backorders

We will contact you via email if you were the exclusive backorder holder on a domain. A new Domainsville.com account will be created for you if we don't find one matching your email. Your account will be billed for the cost of the backorder. You will have 24 hours to submit payment or domain could revoked / re-assigned to another entity. Domains with multiple backorders will be sent to an auction. Bidding winner has 24 hours to make payment arrangements.