.ae Domain Backorders

Every day, a handful of .ae domains expire and become available for registration.

Catchy domains are rare and get picked up for naming new startups or to be resold on the domain aftermarket for thousands of dollars.

The Blaze.ae difference

Our full .ae domain backorder service is designed to remove the hassle of constantly monitoring domains of interest from your list of tasks.

Answering your Domain Queries

Not sure what is the best action to get a domain of interest? We are here to answer your domain questions.

Automatic Acquisitions

No need to wait till the domain becomes available to register. Simply backorder and forget!

Daily Monitoring

Our systems monitor domains of interest on a dialy basis to look for any changes in the status.

High Success Rate

We have a high success rate in acquiring great domains at the drop since 2022.

The Lifecycle of a .ae Domain Name

Say Hello to stress-free .ae domain acquisitions.



.ae domains are active as long as their registration is current and their lease term is paid. .ae domains can be paid for 1 to 5 years in advance.



.ae domains that are not renewed at the end of their lease term expire. The domain no longer resolves to a website as the DNS becomes inactive.


Grace Period

Immediately after expiry, .ae domains enter a grace period that lasts 30 calendar days during which the current registrant may renew their domain.


Pending Delete

If the domain is not renewed by the end of the grace period, it enters the Pending Delete period and is scheduled for release within 3 calendar days.

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Blaze.ae Backorders

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Backorder Features

  • Low service fee of $32.65 to get expiring domains.
  • Includes 1 year domain registration at Domainsville.com. Domain renews at $32.65/yr thereafter.

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