Place a backorder on expiring .ae domain names to get in the front row to grab them once they become available for registration

Every day, a handful of .ae domains expire and become available for registration. Catchy domains are rare and get picked up for naming new startups or to be resold on the domain aftermarket for thousands of dollars.



$99 Auction-based Backorders

If multiple parties place auction-based backorders on the same name, the domain is sent to a 24 hrs public auction. Some auctions have resulted in bidding wars with winning amounts exceeding the cost of an exclusive backorder.

$999 Exclusive Backorders

Avoid bidding wars with exclusive backorders and get the domain without worrying about potentially losing an auction. The 1st person to request an exclusive backorder on a name will be granted the domain in the event we are able to secure it.



.ae 💎 available soon include:



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