The .ae registry maintains a list of reserved domains that is updated frequently to prevent the registration of those domain names.

A few reasons for reserving domains include:
  • To prevent abuse: Upon the expiry of, the domain was added to the reserved list to prevent the general public from registering the domain.
  • To secure domains for future plans: Upon the expiry of,, and, the registry added the domains to the reserved list.
  • Domains that are in violation of the .ae registration policy are placed in registry reserved status. Examples include adult-oriented domains, domains that have been used to conduct fraud or run phishing sites, as well as any domain that the government deems inappropriate to the cultural values of the UAE.
  • Gambling domains such as:,,,, and
  • The registration of city & country names are prohibited and are placed in reserved status.
  • Domains that match a government initiative or project.

Domains in reserved status are depicted as “Domain has been reserved by aeDA Regulator” under WHOIS.

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