How you price your .ae domains depends on your investment strategy. Some might want to turn a quick profit, while others prefer to wait for a larger sale. Regardless of your strategy, keep in mind that .ae domain values are no where close to .com prices. A one-word .com could be worth a million dollars, while a one-word .ae might end up selling between 4-5 figures on average. founder, Abdul Rahman Tarabichi, has followed the buy-low sell-low strategy in his .ae investments. This has resulted in a $42,000 profit in 7 months.

Many legacy .ae domain investors who started 15+ years ago finally realized that astronomical prices never worked for them. There has been a 6-figure sale for, however, it took over a decade to find a customer at that price point.

Many domain investors who invest in .ae think about the UAE as a golden pot. Most businesses in the UAE don’t usually spend a fortune on domains.

Best practices in pricing domains involves assessing each domain and assigning a value to each. Value can be determined through the following:
  • The popularity and usage of the term among entities in the UAE
  • Type-in (direct navigation) traffic to the domain
  • The number of other TLDs registered ( for reference)
When pricing domains, here a few tips to maximize your chance of selling:
  • End the number with odd digits: a domain priced $7,111 has a higher chance of selling than a domain priced for $6,999.
  • Use angelic numbers: $888 is a great selling price tag. If you want to price in the 4-figure range, try prices like $1,888, $2,888, etc.
  • For a quicker sale, keep your pricing below $3,000 and offer Lease-to-Own for 6 months to 1 year via

DO NOT list domains with Make Offer. By doing so, you are only inviting prospects to offer you little money as they may not know the value of domains. Always price your .ae domains.

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