For maximum exposure, list your .ae domains on every major marketplace. This includes:

One great advantage to listing at a Buy Now price on is the AfternicDLS integration with one of the largest .ae registrars, When adding a domain on for a fixed price, the domain shows up as an available aftermarket domain when searched through the registration path at

If you use and have domains priced greater than $1,000, it is recommended to extend the Lease-to-Own facility to your buyers. Companies in the UAE are in the habit of paying for goods & services in monthly installments (post-dated checks). A lease-to-own domain purchase is in line with how businesses operate in the UAE.

If you want to send leads directly to AEserver through the registration path, first list your domain on at a fixed price, then forward your domain to where is your actual domain.

It was reported that a registrar has been asking registrants to move their .ae domains over to them in attempt to convince the domain owner to sell their domains on a marketplace owned by the registrar. A registrar making those claims is believed to be more interested in increasing their market share in .ae registrations than selling your domains on a less popular marketplace. You have a much higher chance of selling through and regardless where you choose to manage your domains.

Research smaller marketplaces that offer you to sell .ae domains through their platform. Your domain’s value could tank in the event the marketplace displays a lot of low quality inventory, as uneducated buyers might compare the prices of worthless domains on the platform with yours.

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