Although the majority of great domains have been shopped, you should be able to find gems for hand-registration. New trends are released, so grabbing the .ae equivalent can be rewarding.

The .ae registry does not publish the domain zone file, so the only source for a list of great domains that will soon be available can be found at Search for Pending Delete domains with a filter for “.ae”.

The best-selling .ae’s are short 1-words that can be used to form a brand, company, or activity. Verbs and action words such as Work and Move are an excellent choice.

To determine whether a domain is worthy of registration, ask yourself whether you’d build a brand on it.

The best way to see what types of domains sell is to review the reported .ae Domain Sales.

Two-letter domains are in demand, and three-letter names have received attention lately and might be worthy of investing if you have the right letter combination.

You may also email the owner of an unused domain to see if they would be willing to sell by running a WHOIS search on the domain at Note that if a domain is listed for sale on the marketplace, chances are the domain owner is an investor that won’t be interested in selling at wholesale prices.

You may browse the domain collection on where domain investors pick up a lot of inventory at wholesale. Domain investors have made rewarding returns by buying at low prices and selling for fair market prices.

Examples of domains purchased by investors from include:

$119 purchase resold for $888.

$99 purchase resold for $7,111.

$410 purchase resold for $1,088.

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