With over 248,997 .ae’s registered, all the great domains have been already bought up. Every now and then, owners of precious .ae names allow their domains to expire due to changes in plans or going out of business. As a result, these gems are deleted and made available for registration. At Blaze.AE, we can attempt to register expiring .ae domains for you.

  • .ae Domain Backorders start at the base price of $119 (approx. AED 437). If you are the only person to place a backorder, the domain is yours for only $119. If multiple backorders are received prior to the domain dropping, the domain is placed in a 3-business day public auction starting at $119.
  • Domain Backorder fees must be settled within 24 hours of our e-mail confirmation notifying you of the successful domain acquisition. Delay in payment might forfeit your rights to the domain.
  • Upon receiving your payment, Blaze.AE will provide you with the domain transfer code so you can take hold of your domain. We are able to push the domain to your account at AEserver.com without you incurring any transfer fees.

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