It is against the .ae registry rules to register a domain name in pursuit of offering it back to the previous owner who may have forgotten to renew their domain. If this action gets reported to the registry, you are at risk of losing the domain to the previous owner.

Registering domains that match company names that have yet to secure their identity online is a breach of contract with the aeDA and will result in the confiscation of the domain. You may register generic words even if they match a company name, but not an explicit match of that company’s name. For example, it is perfectly fine to register and sell, but not (where Lavish General Trading is an actual company).

Domains matching Government initiatives and projects, as well as projects that have been announced by UAE corporations, may not be registered.

The use of incomplete and/or fake information in the registration of a .ae domain is grounds for termination. You may not obscure the registration details by using a privacy record.

Avoid parking .ae domains with ads.  The display of inappropriate advertisements could be considered a violation of the .ae policy and may result in the termination of your registration.

Do not frontrun companies by registering the .ae equivalent of their brand/project names in pursuit of turning a quick profit. This practice is unethical.

Unfortunately, there are some legacy .ae domain investors who hold trademark-infringing domains. They are operating in violation of the policy. The aeDA will take action against such registrants when a report is filed by the rightful trademark holder, or when a UDRP case is initiated. Violations to the aeDA policy could result in the suspension of your rights to register any future .ae domains.

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