Why invest in .ae?
  • Over 300,000 registrations and counting, .ae is officially the largest and fastest-growing namespace in the Middle East
  • With Dubai being a world business hub, there is an increasing demand to pick up great .ae domains for naming new startups
  • .ae is an unrestricted domain extension – anyone can register .ae domains
  • Great one-word .ae domains are scarce and demand on the aftermarket is on the rise

This course is for you if:
  • You want to supplement your income with a fun side business
  • Enjoy making passive income while on-the-go
  • Want to invest in real estate with limited resources
  • Want to make extra money for additional financial support

How much money do I need to get started?

Depending on where you source your domain names, you could be paying between $35 to a couple thousand per domain. Blaze.ae is a good place to buy domains for resale where domains can be purchased for a fraction of the retail value. You can start off by purchasing only 1 domain and try to resell it, or choose to pick up a bundle and sell at least 1 to pay off the remainder.

How much can I sell a domain for?

Prices on the aftermarket vary based on quality, demand, number of prospective candidates for the domain, as well as other market factors.

Some notable quick sales to investors include: Work.ae ($5,140), Insure.ae ($3,939), Move.ae ($3,667), Blockchain.ae ($3,022), Fragrance.ae ($2,010), App.ae ($1,690), Kids.ae ($1,304), Empire.ae ($920), Glam.ae ($888), Habibi.ae ($711).

Other longer-held domains have sold for greater sums to end users, such as: Auto.ae ($101,000), Design.ae ($15,000), Rehab.ae ($15,000), Max.ae ($9,999), Headhunter.ae ($5,000).

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